KIDDYTRAIN – product description

The KIDDYTRAIN is available in three colour variations with your custom branding.

Technical info:

The attraction is designed for kids aged 2 to 12 years and it can accommodate 2 kids for one ride.

The device is self-operated by coin insertion or card payment, typically at 1 euro per ride. No human operator is needed.

Low noise and only 12V operation.Slow and 100% safe ride with many security features such as stop button, front brake, and security stop sensors. CE certified product.
The area enclosed by rails is covered with artificial grass.
KIDDYTRAIN – product description
Available rails sizes:

We are able to assemble the kiddytrain rails as long as you wish without any limitation but the width may only be 2m or 3m in accordance to your space requirements

  • AThe smallest 2m rails for the smallest areas where every centimeter counts. These rails are small enough to be placed under escalators or close to them. This is the most popular option for retail stores like Tesco, Kaufland, etc. Area to lease 6,85 m2.
  • B3 m wide rails „O shape“ are intended for wider corridors or areas with limited length. The enclosed area is large enough to allow placing the rails around columns, trees or other objects. Area to lease 12,6 m2.
  • CStandard 2 m wide rails are suitable for venues with narrow corridors. In a typical shopping mall corridor where this rail can be run all along the corridor way(and back) without taking up too much space. Area to lease 10,55 m2.
  • DThe largest railway is the most popular with children thanks to its B-shape, making them very happy riding in the wind. The enclosed area is large enough to allow placing the rails around columns, trees or any other objects (or simply in large spaces). If you have enough room this is definitely your best choice! Area to lease 17m2.

Place for KiddyTrain

You might think there is not enough room, but– just a small adjustment (such as bench or tree/flower position changing) is all it takes to fit the train exactly where you need it. We have already installed the ride in many various places where our clients thought it would have been completely impossible. We provide assistance in finding the right place with regards to safe zones, fire regulations, electricity connection etc.

The ideal placements are shopping mall corridors, spaces in front of long shop windows, food courts and coffee areas and next to relax zones. An adjacent relax zone will provide extra customer comfort, as parents can relax while kids have fun.

KiddyTrain customization

KIDDYTRAIN is designed specifically for shopping centres and other retail and leisure areas. The device was designed by the famous trendseeker Peter Siebert. The KIDDYTRAIN is available in three colour versions with two areas for branding or logo placement. The overall look of the attraction considers the character of retail areas and focuses on being irresistible to children.

The whole manufacturing process is directly in our control, so you can place your own branding on the ride, but you can also choose a completely custom design in your corporate colours or according to your designer specification. The attraction is here for you.

If you have to observe a height limit (e. g. in front of a shop window) we can deliver the KIDDYTRAIN without a semaphore.

We are able to deliver KIDDYTRAIN fence and bench respecting a design of your location to suite your customers and make them comfortable as much as possible.