About us

About us

RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT Group SE is a European company and an exclusive contractor and operator of KIDDYTRAIN. The company is run by a group of professionals who have been in leisure business for many years.

We provide the highest product and security standards. KIDDYTRAIN is not manufactured in China or elsewhere in the East as the entire development and production takes place in the very heart of Europe.

KIDDYTRAIN is designed specifically for shopping centres and other retail and leisure areas. The device was designed by the famous trendseeker Peter Siebert. The KIDDYTRAIN is available in three colour versions with two areas for branding or logo placement. The overall look of the attraction considers the character of retail areas and focuses on being irresistible to children.

The KIDDYTRAIN is not for sale. We operate it through our local agents or in cooperation with partners. Thanks to our network of professional operators, high reliability and complete remote control of the device we can easily run KIDDYTRAIN in any country of the world.

We are looking for long term cooperation with malls, shopping centres, leisure areas, retail parks, retail sites and other frequently visited locations.

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