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The KIDDYTRAIN by RETAIL ENTERTAINMENT Group SE is based on a popular concept and is also designed specifically for shopping centres and other retail and leisure areas.

The device was designed by the famous trendseeker Peter Siebert. The KIDDYTRAIN is available in three colour versions with two areas for branding or logo placement. The overall look of the attraction considers the character of retail areas and focuses on being atractive to children.

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Safe operation

  • The train has a number of advanced security sensors. If there is an obstacle in the way, the train will stop automatically and will not move further until the railway is free.
  • Parents can stop the train at any time by pressing the stop button.
  • For maximum security, the train runs on low 12V voltage.
  • Train train runs at a very slow speed of human walk.
  • The operation of the train is very silent and the "sound of ride" can be turned down or completely switched off.
  • Worldwide certification

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